Taste for Truth by Barb Raveling

TFT DescriptionReview:

I have the rare blessing of knowing the author of Taste for Truth, Barb Raveling, personally. We got to know Barb and her family at a church that my husband pastored. Best of all I have been privileged to be a part of a small group that Barb taught on her renewing your mind concepts.

By looking at Barb you would never guess that she struggled a day in her life with weight issues. I have known her now for almost 4 years and her weight has never fluctuated nor has her commitment to Biblical truth and a proper stewardship of her gift of writing. Christ has given Barb control over her personal food battles through very relevant truths from the Bible and she shares those truths with us in Taste for Truth.

Understanding this book is easy….following it requires that you take seriously your relationship with Christ and understand that not everything in life that we are called to as believers will be easy. I know that this is the path I need to follow. Christ will provide….

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