Forgetting Tabitha by Julie Dewey


I have read several fictional accounts of the orphan trains all from Christian writers and my enjoyment of them led me to “purchase” this book when the kindle edition was offered for free on Amazon. I’m glad I read it. This was more raw and a bit rougher than the Christian versions but that also makes it more realistic.

These kids had a tough lot and absolutely nothing about their lives was sweet and simple. In that regard the plight of orphans or unwanted children today is not really much different. I believe that is why these books call out to me. I am an adoptive mom of four special needs children brought to our family through the state foster care system. I see myself in Pap as I struggle sometimes to identify with who my children really are as they are somewhat foreign to me but in the end I pray that my children see me more like Edna…proud to be their mom and loving who they are.

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