Trial Run by Thomas Locke

trialrunTrial Run
Author:  Thomas Locke
Series:  Fault Line Book 1
Category:  Technological Thriller
Publisher:  Revell
Release Date:  August 4, 2015
Media:  Paperback
My Rating:  5 Stars

Book Description:

Cutting-edge research requiring controversial experiments. Startling dreams delivering cryptic communication from the dreamer’s future self. Ruthless rivals determined to control mind-bending new technology. When you’re balancing on the edge of what’s possible, trouble awaits, ready to push you into the abyss.

This daring psychological journey into the very nature of causation and consciousness will leave you turning the pages and grasping for solid ground–especially when it becomes clear just how much fact lies within the fiction.


I am beginning to wonder if Davis Bunn is a genius. His books have always been excellent but this book is quite brilliant. The science, in particular quantum computing, is so far over my head it is pitiful. I don’t skim through books in order to review them quickly. I enjoy reading a book and I want to make sure that I understand the nuances; to truly enjoy the story. In order to do so with Trial Run it has taken me longer than normal to read. I reread several sections in order to completely understand what was occurring. It had nothing negative to do with the writing, quite the opposite, it had everything to do with the excellence of the writing. I had to back up to make sure that I truly understood the science and its implications. Trial Run was so interesting that I didn’t want to just half understand any of it.

Davis Bunn a.k.a. Thomas Locke is an author that you should definitely pick up. You will want to read a large sampling of his work. I honestly and without reservation recommend this book to one and all. It is a thoroughly engaging story. It is complex in a very good way. The characters are so real and fascinating.

Trial Run is the first book in the Fault Line Series. The author also has a free prequel called Double Edge that you can read while waiting for the second book. I’m headed there.

I know that I gush a bit about this author; it’s all because I have been reading him since I was a teen and he is one of my all-time favorite authors. I can tell you that in no way, shape, or form was my gushiness due to any promises or payment on the part of the author or his publisher. I actually won the paperback version of this book in a contest on Thomas Locke’s website which made me a bit giddy.

In case that you are interested I have reviewed two other books that he has written over the past couple of months or so; each representing different genres.  Those reviews are posted on this blog.

  • Genre: Christian Fiction
  • Genre: High Fantasy
    • Emissary by Thomas Locke | Legends of the Realm, Book no 1

Happy reading!

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