The Case of the New Kid on the Block by Barb Asselin

The Case of the New Kid on the Block
Author: Barb Asselin
Series:  The Alex Mysteries (Prequel)
Category:  Juvenile fiction, Mystery & Suspense
Publisher: Asselin Group Online Publisher
Release Date:  June 24, 2015
Media:  eBook
My Rating:  3 Stars


A new sleuthing team is in town!

Lexi is a regular girl trying to survive middle school and mind her own business, but someone is targeting her. She keeps finding nasty notes on her locker between classes. The most likely culprit is the new kid in school, Alexander.

Join Lexi as she searches for clues and tries to catch the bully red-handed.

In this prequel to a new youth mystery series, you are sure to be inspired to find your own sleuthing partner!

Mini-Review (for a mini-book):

Misunderstandings, social awkwardness, poor means of handling situations, boys…these are the hallmarks of Junior High. The New Kid on the Block is a story with a lesson. A bit of sleuthing is used as a means of teaching children how to be a good friend, and how relationships with the opposite sex don’t have to become stilted and uncomfortable in adolescence. My criticism would be that it reads more like a book for elementary aged students. Who knows though…I’m a few years (wink wink) out of Junior High.

I received a galley in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to the author and publisher.

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