Time’s Edge by Rysa Walker

Time’s Edge
Author: Rysa Walker
Series:  The Chronos Files (book 2)
Category:  Adventure Stories, Mystery and Detective Fiction, Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Skyscape
Release Date:  October 21, 2014
Media:  NetGalley Review Copy
My Rating:  3 Stars


To stop her sadistic grandfather, Saul, and his band of time travelers from rewriting history, Kate must race to retrieve the CHRONOS keys before they fall into the Cyrists’ hands. If she jumps back in time and pulls the wrong key—one that might tip-off the Cyrists to her strategy—her whole plan could come crashing down, jeopardizing the future of millions of innocent people. Kate’s only ally is Kiernan, who also carries the time-traveling gene. But their growing bond threatens everything Kate is trying to rebuild with Trey, her boyfriend who can’t remember the relationship she can’t forget.

As evidence of Saul’s twisted mind builds, Kate’s missions become more complex, blurring the line between good and evil. Which of the people Saul plans to sacrifice in the past can she and Kiernan save without risking their ultimate goal—or their own lives?


Time’s Edge picks up just a few months after Timebound left off and it proves to be another fascinating look at history from a unique perspective. Here we are seeing J. F. Kennedy’s murder and an exploration of racial tensions including riots and lynchings. Rather deep topics for a young adult fiction book. Rysa Walker handles the topics quite well; juxtaposing necessary decisions and actions within ethical and moral boundaries. This exploration of highly charged topics means that our protagonist Kate is carrying a lot of responsibility which would likely prove incredibly challenging for a mature adult. The following quote is a glimpse of the ethical discussions in the story.

“But most people are fools,” Tilson continues. “They see exactly what they want to see and nothing more. It’s like Niemöller said, if you ignore it when they’re taking rights from everyone else, pretty soon they’ll come after yours, and there’s no one left to protest.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t like this book as much as I did Timebound. I enjoyed the character building and the relative innocence of the relationship between Kate and Trey presented in Timebound. In Time’s Edge the relationships are so confused. Instead of making the book more interesting it just falls flat to me. Trey is relatively absent in Time’s Edge and Kate’s relationship with Kieran is awkward. I loved little Kieran (little Mic) in the first story and felt that to have him involved romantically with Kate later was, honestly, inappropriate. I could have done without the love triangle equation and would have preferred that Kate and Kieran have a fantastic friendship instead.

As I discovered in Timebound, Time’s Edge has a highly complicated timeline. I am still lost. Walker must have had a huge wall plastered with a large number of timelines in order to keep it all straight while writing.

A couple of fun positive notes to end on:

  • If you are a fan of the cult classic The Princess Bride then you are in luck as Time’s Edge is rife with quotes.
  • Trey and Kate both have excellent relationships with their parents, particularly their fathers; they can securely confide in them about the craziest of things.

Good quotes:

“Relationships can be rebuilt but they are never the same.”

“No pity party is complete without ice cream.”

Time’s Edge had a slow start and an exciting finish. I’m glad that I stuck with it.

For Christian readers, please see my review of Timebound as it covers my concerns regarding the entire Chronos Files series.

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to the author and publisher.

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