Time’s Divide by Rysa Walker

Time’s Divide
Author: Rysa Walker
Series:  The Chronos Files (book 3)
Category:  Science Fiction & Fantasy, Teens and Young Adult Fiction
Publisher: Skyscape
Release Date:  October 20, 2015
Media:  NetGalley Review Copy
My Rating:  3 Stars


The Cyrists are swiftly moving into position to begin the Culling, and Kate’s options are dwindling. With each jump to the past or the future, Kate may trigger a new timeline shift. Worse, the loyalties of those around her—including the allegiances of Kiernan and the Fifth Column, the shadowy group working with Kate—are increasingly unclear.

Kate will risk everything, including her life, to prevent the future her grandfather and the Cyrists have planned. But, when time runs out, it may take an even bigger sacrifice to protect the people she loves.


Time’s Divide satisfactorily completes the Chronos Files series. As before, I enjoyed Rysa Walker leading us on journeys through the past. In Time’s Divide you get to learn a bit about Houdini and his competitors. Here we will also spend time in her imaginative future, which we were given short glimpses of in the first two books in the series.

Unfortunately, Walker’s presentation of the future is lurid and concerningly close to that which may be in our near future. It is claustrophobic and brings into play the worst of our historic and present selves. There is no nuclear family unit portrayed. It is elitist and hedonistic; a bit too close for comfort.

Clothing appears optional, more for decoration than decorum. And the groupings are . . . odd. I’ve yet to see a woman stroll in without a man, although several groups of men have wandered in without women.

Those in power are literally treating those not in power as chattel, slaves. Work is hard to find. Some things are loose but there are very rigid societal norms.

As problematic as the earlier books in the series, Time’s Divide is confusing. In this book the timeline is still confusing but there is the added confusion of seeing characters first as good, then bad, and around and around. I’m dizzy again.

In conclusion, Time’s Divide wraps up loose ends from Timebound and Time’s Edge. You will get even dizzier but it is worth reading in order to conclude the series.

For Christian readers:

Having read the complete series now I would not recommend that it be read by teenagers. Strong and discerning believers only!  Please see my review of Timebound as it covers my concerns regarding the entire Chronos Files series.

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to the author and publisher.

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