The Blade’s Memory by Lindsay Buroker

bladesmemoryThe Blade’s Memory
Author: Lindsay Buroker
Series: Dragon Blood, Book 5
Category: Fantasy
Release Date: June 14, 2015
My Rating:  4 Stars


Ridge, Sardelle, and their comrades may have rescued Tolemek’s sister and freed the dragon, but trouble awaits at home.

The king is missing, a secret organization is hunting sorcerers, and the capital is more vulnerable than ever to enemy attack. Worst of all, at least from Ridge’s point of view, someone put that jackass Colonel Therrik in charge of the flier battalion.

Ridge and his allies have a lot of problems to fix, but they can’t show their faces in the capital without being arrested or shot. This time, it’s going to take a lot more than magic to save the country.

The Blade’s Memory is the fifth installment in the Dragon Blood series.


I have been very consistent in regards to my reviews of Lindsay Buroker’s books. I am a fan. Of that there is no doubt. They appeal to me in a way that I can’t really define. I just like them.

I am also consistent when I say that she has an incredible talent. She writes great stories that are believable within creative, imaginative worlds, and with clearly defined characters. What is more incredible is that she writes them so quickly; not an easy thing to do.

Every coin has two sides and on the flip side is feminism, sexual innuendo, and just plain ol’ sex. Buroker began writing her more sexually oriented material under her alias Ruby Lionsdrake but it keeps slipping into her steampunk work written under her own name. It is not explicit and is generally humorous but in this book you will hear a lot about rubbing and mountain climbing expeditions, etc. Lindsay Buroker has a great sense of humor but it is highly ribald.

All that being said, I still LOVE the book. This is relaxation literature at its best. It makes me snort with laughter (picture that ha!). It is exciting, funny, a bit heartrending and nerve-wracking at times, but never ever boring. A book that I didn’t want to put down.

My favorite character throughout the series has been Jaxi. I love Jaxi. Who wouldn’t want a soul blade that could keep you out of a lot of trouble and has great comedic timing? If Buroker can throw out a great quip at the drop of a hat like her characters I am insanely jealous. Okay, I am headed back to the sexual innuendo but I just can’t help cracking up over Jaxi’s irreverent term for her handler’s guy Ridge; soul snozzle. Makes me laugh…can’t help it. If you don’t know what a soul blade is you should read the series and find out…you know you want to.

I recommend this book for all readers who love an entertaining story and a good laugh over the age of eighteen.

I received a review copy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. My thanks to the author Lindsay Buroker.

The books in the Dragon Blood series:
1. Balanced on the Blade’s Edge
2. Deathmaker
3. Blood Charged
4. Patterns in the Dark
5. The Blade’s Memory
6. Raptor
7. Souldblade

About the Author:

lindsay burokerHere is the relatively bland Amazon version:

Lindsay is a full-time independent fantasy author who loves travel, hiking, tennis, and vizslas. She grew up in the Seattle area but moved to Arizona when she realized she was solar-powered.

Buroker’s version on her website is quite humorous and indicative of her stories.

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